Terra Madre Day is Coming: How Will You Celebrate?

It’s Time to Celebrate Terra Madre Day!

The Terra Madre network is made up of farmers, fishers, producers and cooks who with their vision and knowledge work to promote a new kind of gastronomy, based on biodiversity, environmental conservation and respect for local cultures and traditions. The network, spread across 160 countries, tackles a wide range of problems, proposing effective solutions that are based on local places, landscapes and the preservation of plant varieties, animal breeds and the local culinary cultures that over time have allowed natural resources to be maintained without being spoiled.

As well as fieldwork and finding solutions for challenges, the Terra Madre network also represents unionconviviality and enjoying the fruits of the land. Terra Madre Day offers us all a chance to celebrate together, all around the world, on the same day!

Held every year on December 10, this edition of the event serves as an important opportunity to pay tribute to Slow Food’s recently launched 
Love the Earth Defend the Future  campaign and to intensify the public awareness on the severe loss of biodiversity that is threatening food security and contributing to climate change.

Love the Earth Defend the Future, the first international fundraising campaign of Slow Food, seeks help from the valuable supporters of the movement from all around the globe. It is essential to mention that small contributions can make a big difference to reach the target, and more importantly demonstrates the modesty and conviviality among the Slow Food convivia.

In this respect, Terra Madre Day is an excellent occasion to help Slow Food reach the sufficient funds to continue its work as the protector of biodiversity.

We kindly ask your help to spread the word by using the hash tags #lovetheearth #defendthefuture in your posts together with the #tmd2016 hash tag.

We need your enthusiasm to make it happen! We invite everyone, members and non-members, to join us on this international day of celebration and joy.
The focus will be biodiversity, loving the earth and defending the future by calling attention to the Love the Earth Defend the Future fundraiser.

Get involved on December 10! Find an event close to you or create one simple or elaborate, large or small, based on your interests, creativity and availability.

Remember, the Facebook event is the only platform where you can share with us what you’ve got cooking!

Website: http://www.slowfood.com/
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/603321443212020/
Hashtags: #TMD2016 #lovetheearth #defendthefuture

We look forward to celebrating with you.
Happy Terra Madre Day to all of us,
Slow Food