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Loving the Earth is the main theme for Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2016! From September 22 – 26, in and around some of Turin’s most iconic locations.
Spain, Diario de Gastronomía:
Brazil, Sabores da Cidade:
Mexico, El Mundo de Córdoba:
Kenya, Standard Digital News:
Slow Food Biodiversity Monitor

According to FAO, 17 percent of livestock breeds are at risk of extinction. Slow Food, through 58 Presidia dedicated to animal breeds, help breeders and herders to conserve them, while the SlowFood Ark of Taste catalogue, includes over 350 breeds that need to be saved, but there is still much to do!
Belgium, Agra Facts: pdf (p.3)
Belgium, Vlaams Informatiecentrum Land- en Tuinbouw:
Belgium, Le Soir:
Belgium, VTM:
Belgium, Le Vif:
Belgium, Metro:
UK, Blue and Green Tomorrow:
Romania, Aspecte Diplomatice:
Bulgaria, Menu Mag:


Istanbul’s Yedikule Gardens should not be destroyed! Carlo Petrini wrote an article on the Italian newspaper La Repubblica sayingSlow Food strongly supports the residents of Istanbul who are fighting to preserve this important historical, environmental and cultural heritage. It was republished and translated also in some Turkish newspapers.
Turkey, Radikal:
Turkey, Yesilgazete:


On February 3, the European Parliament voted to oppose the import of three genetically modified (GM) soybeans into the European Union. Friends of the Earth Europe, Greenpeace, Slow Food and IFOAM EU have welcomed the Parliament’s stand against the Commission. The three GM soybeans are engineered to tolerate spraying with glyphosate or a combination of glyphosate and other herbicides.
Bulgaria, Agri.EU:  
Spain, Gastronomía & Cía:  

A great interview with Paolo Di Croce, who explains why Slow Foodis against GMOs. Spain, EITB (Euskal Irrati Telebista): (at 30.45)


The tenth edition of Slow Food Fair (Markt des Guten Geschmacks – The Forum for Good Taste) will be held from March 31 to April 3 in Stuttgart (Germany).
Germany, BW agrar:
Germany, Food – Monitor:
Germany, Bw-Fairs:
Germany, BÄKO Magazin:
Germany, Life PR:

A great article about the Food Heritage project undertaken by SlowFood and other organizations in the Province of Sucumbìos (Ecuador).
Ecuador, Revista Vistazo: pdf


France passed on February 3 a new food waste bill obliging supermarkets to hand over unused food to charity and not destroy leftover products to reduce the estimated 7 million tons of food wasted in the country each year!
Germany, Top Agrar:

Slow Food Ark of Taste
Danish Fynsk Rygeost has been catalogued in the Ark of Taste.
Denmark, Landbrug & Fødevarer:
Denmark, Maelkeritidende:


An article on the Témiscamingue Raw Milk Cheddar from Canada.
Canada, Sympatico:
Canada, Hôtels, Restaurants & Institutions:


An article on the Icelandic Goat Presidium
Iceland, Bændablaðið:

Slow Wine Celebrates a Successful 5th US Tour: 65 Italian wine producers toured four US cities. USA, Stamford Advocate:


A great article about Slow Food’s Wine Bank in Pollenzo.

A new urban garden has born at Time Hotels in Tecom, which is cared for by Slow Food Dubai volunteers.
United Arab Emirates, The National:

An educational garden has been created at Ellerton Primary School, St. George, Barbados. The garden, designed with assistance fromSlow Food Barbados under its 12 Gardens in 12 Months campaign, was showcased on February 2 to Education Minister, Ronald Jones.
Barbados, The Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation
Barbados, Barbados Government Information Service, I:
Barbados, Barbados Government Information Service, II: 

Slow Food organizes a series of conferences on Agroecology andFood Sovereignty in Madrid. Spain, Madrid Actual:

A great article about the 10000 Gardens in Africa project.
UK, Food Tank:

The importance of the 10000 Gardens in Africa project in Namibe.
Angola, Jornal de Angola:

A report from Indigenous Terra Madre 2015. The event was held from November 3 to 7, 2015 in Shillong (Meghalaya, India).
India, Outlook Traveller:

An article about the book of Carlo Petrini and Stefano Mancuso, plant neurobiologist. Germany, Die Welt:

From the Slow Web
Pesticide Action Week:
Get involved by organizing your own event and join the global movement for a pesticide-free world! The Pesticide Action Week takes place during the first ten days of every spring, from March 20-30, when usually the spreading of pesticides resumes.

Sign the petition to save Istanbul’s historical Yedikule
What You Need to Know About Pulses:


Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity
Strengthening a Network of Meliponiculture in Brazil’s Northeast: Good Practices for the Well-Being of Native Stingless Bees:

Slow Meat
Traditional and Innovative Breeding:

Good to Know
Slow Food and Worldcrunch collaborate together: who donates to SlowFood 10,000 Gardens in Africa receives a 8 weeks free subscription to Worldcrunch. Discover more at:


The Growing Appeal Of ”Ugly Food
France, Le Monde:
You can read the article translated in English on Worldcrunch:
Ride-Along Revival Of Iceland’s Ancient Sheep Migration
Switzerland, Le Temps:
You can read the article translated in English on Worldcrunch:


”Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature” – Have a look at these powerful short films by Conservation 

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